While he might have nothing to do with Leeds United, Ian Wright has always been happy to pass comment. The former Arsenal and Crystal Palace man was a hero as a player for the clubs he played for. As a pundit, he has been noted for his bubbly and effervescent personality. However, Wright also is regarded as someone with good insight into the game. While his emotional style of punditry can be a little grating to some, he is an easy person to listen to.

However, his recent comments about Marcelo Bielsa might be something that has some Leeds fans nodding in agreement. According to Wright, the decision to sack Marcelo Bielsa might not have been incorrect. It was instead the timing that was a mess. Given the way that Jesse Marsch has struggled to get a handle on the team since his arrival in Yorkshire, there might be something to that.

For many, Marsch is the antithesis of everything Bielsa stood for. The football has become robotic and dour, and the coach speaks far more than he arguably should. While when Bielsa spoke it was often to make a point worth hearing, some have already grown tired of hearing Marsch. Talk of building a world class academy and competing for Europe rings hollow when the club is on the brink of relegation.

The topic of Leeds recently came up on Wrighty’s House, the podcast hosted by Wright himself. In it, the former England man was keen to stress that he felt they should moved on from the Bielsa project earlier. For many fans, they should have persisted with the Argentine until the end of the season. Wright, though, isn’t sure that would have delivered any better results.

What did Ian Wright say about Marcelo Bielsa being sacked?

Never one to hide behind his opinions or to worry about what others think, Wright was clear that he felt Leeds waited too long to move on from Bielsa. Some might disagree, and others might find it off that a pundit who often speaks so much about time and respect for what a coach achieves wanting to sack Bielsa so soon. After all, he had taken the club up to the Premier League and had a fine first season; should the early season wobbles really have been met with a sacking?

According to Wright, yes. Speaking about that, he said: “I think they should have got rid of him [Bielsa] earlier, given someone time to really change. Simply because, whether it’s Jesse Marsch or whoever it is, they needed time to really get that team playing in a different style. Bielsa has to get love for what he’d done for Leeds but it comes to a time where somebody has to make that decision.”

It might be a controversial view, but Wright did also say he wants Leeds to stay up as they are regarded as a natural giant of the English game. On this, he noted: “Let’s face it, I don’t want to go with big club bias but Leeds need to be in the Premier League. They make it exciting. They should have done that earlier.”

So, somewhat sensible comments if a little controversial. What do Leeds fans make of the comments from someone outside the city bubble?