As one of the most impressive forwards in the Premier League in the 2020-21 season, Patrick Bamford felt like a lock for England duty in March 2021. Having come through the ranks at Nottingham Forest and rebuilt his career after a period of time at Chelsea, the Leeds United frontman has become one of the most rated strikers in England. Although Leeds are being linked with more forwards in the 2021 transfer window, it is believed that they see Bamford as a key part of their future.

However, the player was unlucky to miss out on England duty despite an impressive run of form across 2021. Reports suggested that Bamford was fed-up of waiting, and instead would declare to play for the Republic of Ireland. That would be an interesting move and would have offered the Irish a top quality striker for years to come. However, it is believed via sources close to Bamford that he will be willing to wait a longer period of time to land his England debut.

Despite being watched closely by England manager Gareth Southgate, Bamford has missed out once again amid a flurry of competition. With the drop-off in fitness and form of a host of English strikers, it was expected that he would be given a chance to show what he can do. However, a first-time call-up instead went to the younger, arguably more physically robust Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa.

Bamford was keen to get into the side ahead of UEFA Euro 2021, but that now looks unlikely to happen due to competition. Could Bamford have taken the same approach as another English striker who has changed to another Home Nation, though, in Che Adams?

Could Bamford play for another Home Nation?

Ireland was seen as the best choice for Bamford given his family ties to the island. However, it appears that it would be England or bust; unlike other players, Bamford has no connection to other nations such as Scotland. While Southampton striker Che Adams decided to declare for the Tartan Army, Bamford cannot do so. As such, it is likely that he will be willing to go without the benefit of international games if need be.

Despite being intrigued by the offer of Irish playing time, it is believed a lack of tournament progress put the Englishman off taking part. Adams had previously been quite about participation with Scotland; a place at the Euros and a paucity of good striking talent, though, left Adams more intrigued by the option to play for Scotland than beforehand.

Bamford, then, might not follow the same path of another English striker who has slowly but surely built quality at Premier League level. While Scotland might get the chance to benefit from Adams, it appears that the Leeds striker won’t give the Irish their first quality striking option since Robbie Keane.

For Leeds, though, the good news is that their hot-form striker won’t run an increased risk of being injured on international duty.